brain-based coaching and hypnotherapy

The real reason you self-sabotage goes deeper than mindset and is UNIQUE TO YOU!

Combining the latest in trauma work with evidence-based tools and science-backed strategies to enable you to take charge of your life on a conscious, subconscious and body level.

If you have a strong desire to achieve your biggest goals, eliminate self-sabotage,  self-doubt and overwhelm once and for all, then I will show you how and it won’t take months.

Subconscious Breakthrough Intensive

Breakthrough a specific issue or goal in just 4 weeks.

Forget about fluffy mindset stuff we’ll be diving right into the deep mental & emotional core of the issue you’re struggling with and freeing you from it on a mind and body level. You’ll learn practical skills and tools to create new and adaptive ways of working with yourself, your issue, and what’s blocking you in your life.

Over the next four weeks, you have unlimited text support and a follow-up 1:1 call to make sure you’re well on your way to achieving your goal.


1:1 subconscious breakthrough intensive session (up to 3 hours)
Personalised action items and video resources as required
4 weeks of unlimited support, accountability & coaching via Voxer (voice & text)
1:1 follow-up session in the 4th week to get you re-focused on your plan & next action steps

Investment: £3,000

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3 Month 1:1 Breakthrough Program

Get out of your own way and master your time, money & emotional/mental/physical energy to hit ALL your goals.

Through a integrative  approach, backed by neurobiology, neuroscience, and clinical psychology, my uniquely experiential program addresses the core conditioning of your childhood, your subconscious limiting beliefs, your patterned & programmed reactions, as well as the choices and behaviors that result from all of the above.

Each session peels away unhelpful beliefs, challenges self-sabotaging habits and behaviours and uncovers the subconscious beliefs & identities holding you back.

This program is not about giving you steps to follow, it’s about helping you release the deep mental & emotional blocks that get in your way of being who you want to be and giving you the tools you need to act & react in more productive ways.

Brain-based work for life-changing breakthroughs to get what you actually want.


Up to 3 months of support
Weekly 1:1 Zoom sessions (up to 3 hours)
Personalised action items after each session
Unlimited text support and accountability between sessions
Access to my entire library of courses, videos and masterclasses

Investment: £6,000

The Women’s Heartful Mind Experience

For the action-taking, hustle-hard woman who’s ready to get off the hamster wheel (and see more success too!)

This 3-month journey will guide you to permanently remove the mental and emotional roadblocks in your path. Through weekly calls and specific action items, we’ll put an end to self-sabotage in your business, helping you consistently achieve your ambitious goals without stress or burnout.

(Enrolment currently closed)

1:1 deep breakthrough session onboarding call
Weekly 90-minute group coaching calls
The Heartful Mind Experience curriculum
Weekly action items and practical exercises
12 months access to a community of phenomenal women in business
Lifetime access to the course curriculum
[Optional] 1:1 planning and implementation calls as needed

Investment: £3,000

Client transformations

Still, have questions?

How much time will I need to put aside?

Allocate a 3-4 hour block for the intensive sessions. This ensures space after the session to allow your brain and mind to process the deep subconscious work done during the session. 

Is there homework?


This isn’t about adding extra tasks to your plate; it’s about incorporating practical steps that move you closer to the goals you’re currently working on. Sometimes the ‘homework’ is simply…go take a nap now.

Will you ask me to talk about painful past experiences?

No, this isn’t therapy. You will have complete control over what and how much you want to share. The focus of the sessions will be on what’s going on now which may lead your mind to make natural associations to past experiences but this almost always results in letting go of pain and doesn’t make you feel worse than you started. You won’t find anything unusual or uncomfortable – my approach is designed to make you feel at ease.

I’ll utilise skilful questioning to tap into your unconscious mind, ensuring that the sessions unfold organically. You remain in complete control throughout, while I guide you to keep us on course, leading you toward the solutions you’re seeking. The great benefit of these intensives is that unlike a traditional therapy session, I won’t cut you off after 50 minutes with a whole lot of raw emotion, instead we’ll have time to ensure you leave the session feeling better than you were before.

I’ve seen your testimonials, some of your clients get big financial results. How do I know it will work for me too?

I will only work with clients I know I can help and who have the foundations to achieve success. This includes: already having an established business with a strategy to grow and the willingness to do the work and implement what you learn. The purpose of the work I do with clients isn’t to make more money in business but many times is an added bonus. The focus of the work is to release the mental and emotional blocks that cause self-sabotaging patterns and behaviours. If your main focus is on making more money only, then this work may not be for you.

How soon will I see results?

Timelines vary for each person. Some clients experience shifts after our initial session, while others notice changes as we progress. All clients I’ve worked with and stayed connected with have achieved their goals six months later. Your journey is personal and outcomes unfold naturally.

How is what you do different from hypnotherapy?

My approach differs from traditional hypnotherapy. We don’t do eyes-closed imagery or regression. Instead, I use gentle conversational hypnotherapy, letting you stay in control. No diving into painful past memories or scripted suggestions. We converse, your mind guides. It’s like chatting with a friend, unlocking insights naturally. Your mind leads you to real solutions, no pushing.

Do you provide business coaching?

I am not a business coach. I do act as a sounding board and share strategies that I’ve personally found effective in my own business. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t the focus of our sessions together. My emphasis is on uncovering subconscious limits and doing transformative work to empower you to overcome limitations for broader success.

When should I choose the Intensive vs. the breakthrough program?

The intensive is designed to focus on just one block or goal you have.

If there are multiple things you are working toward, the breakthrough program will allow us the time to dig deeper into what is causing your self-sabotaging patterns and behaviour. If you’re still not sure, book a free consultation with me and we can see what would be best for you.

Not sure which service is right for you?