Hi, I’m Shabnam…

I’m here to help you overcome the unconscious resistance that holds you back from really living the life you want.

Over that last 10 years I’ve worked with hundreds of successful business owners struggling with self-doubt, overwhelm, low self-worth, perfectionism and imposter feelings. Helping them release years of hidden resistance and uncomfortable feelings by getting to the root of the issue and making a permanent and lasting change.


You won’t find fluffy manifestation work here.

Using science-based techniques we uncover the subconscious beliefs  holding you BACK. Then we change them, not by chanting affirmations or some mystical rituals under the full moon but by taking small steps (and some BIG ones) to rewire new habits & beliefs.

I’m here to help the rebels, the visionaries and the expert business owners create greater success by identifying and overcoming subconscious limitations.

… using science-backed, no-bullshit strategies only.

Every influencer on socials is blah-blahing about healing your trauma

Now just because someone’s worked through some challenging issues doesn’t qualify them to help you through yours.

Not even me!

Yes, I’ve experienced really shit awful times in my life that caused a lot of trauma (but working through my traumas didn’t teach me how to help you). But they have given me the understanding of how past traumas show up in our lives and turn things upside down even when we’re trying so hard to do everything right.

I’ve trained, practised AND tested my methods… and my work has helped hundreds of ambitious, action-taking, good humans remove self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours from their subconscious using evidence-based, science-backed techniques.

AND I’ve got a ton of testimonials to prove it.

Shabham Rajah

When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy spending time with my son, my 2 chihuahuas, going to the gym and hanging out with my brother, sisters, nephews and nieces. Yeah, nothing earth-shattering-ly exciting but moments that give me a lot of joy and peace in my life.

When you’re ready to bring more peace and joy into your life AND skyrocket your business results, click the button below and let’s chat.

Some of the mind, brain and nervous system stuff I’ve trained in to help you overcome your internal blocks

 Psychology & Mental Wellbeing

Certified Complex Trauma Treatment Practitioner Training

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Master conversational Hypnotherapy

solution-focused hypnotherapy

Interpersonal Neurobiology & Neuroscience

Mindfulness & meditation Teacher training

Acceptance & commitment therapy

Applied neuroscience & brain Health 

The 4 phase approach to the most chilled out version of YOU

I have uncovered and removed hundreds of client’s shitty subconscious beliefs that were holding them back. Here’s how it works…



Click here to book a call and fill out the form to see if we’re a great fit to work together.



If we decide to work together, you’ll complete an in-depth assessment form. This allows me to assess and uncover any patterns of subconscious sabotage and establish your baseline.


We’ll meet on Zoom and via Voxer to identify conscious cues hinting at what lies below the surface for reprogramming unwanted beliefs and habits.


Master taking conscious control, redirecting your focus, and making essential shifts to achieve and surpass your goals. By the end of our partnership, your mind will be rewired for success. You’ll be equipped with the tools to confront and conquer challenges and a roadmap toward achievement and fulfilment with confidence and clarity.

You can be the next happy client

Shabnam, Brain Based Coaching

Shabnam has been brilliant and has made a world of difference for me.

She is an asset, secret weapon, gift, best kept secret and a wizard that every high performer, entrepreneur or leader should have in their corner if they want to live an extraordinary life and make the impact they can.

It’s rare to find someone that understands the challenges and roadblocks that cause you to self sabotage and get in the way of your own success.

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Shabnam, Brain Based Coaching

Shabnam helped me to eliminate 40 years of conditioning: negative dialogue and self doubt in less than 4 weeks

It was as if the shackles that I had created, which were holding me back had disappeared, just dissolved away. I am now a stronger, open, positive person with complete and unwavering belief in myself and my abilities.

2 months on from completing the programme, I continue to use the principles I have been taught, whether it’s for work or in my personal life, growing bolder and more confident everyday.

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Shabnam, Brain Based Coaching

I'm a much stronger, much more confident person now, and it only took a couple of months!

It only took her 6 sessions to help me permanently delete all of the old beliefs that had been weighing me down for years.

All of these negative thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back are just suddenly gone, like I woke up one day and realized how silly they all were. And they’re gone forever, not just because Shabnam is good at her job, but because she actually taught me how to continue to *help myself* and maintain the results we’ve achieved together.

   Lee Ann Sittler

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