c.o.r.e. integration

The Science of Unlocking Entrepreneurial Fulfilment

C.O.R.E. Integration is the coaching program for high-achieving entrepreneurs.

Designed to bridge the gap between your rational drive and emotional well-being, helping you achieve goals and unlock lasting fulfilment.

Shabham Rajah

Hi, I’m Shabnam

I understand. You’ve built a successful business, but something feels off. You’re hitting sales targets and launching new products, yet a nagging sense of unease lingers. The constant hustle leaves you stressed and questioning your purpose.

Been there, witnessed it countless times coaching other entrepreneurs. That’s why I created C.O.R.E. Integration, a program designed to bridge the gap between your rational drive and emotional well-being.  It’s not about the next big achievement, it’s about unlocking fulfillment beyond the grind.

C.O.R.E. Integration is more than just another mindset coaching program. We delve deeper, utilising evidence-based psychology and neuroscience to help you achieve lasting fulfilment beyond the fleeting high of the next “big win.”

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You’ll gain a clear understanding of the limiting beliefs and emotional patterns driving your relentless pursuit of achievement. This newfound awareness empowers you to realign your goals with your deeper values and motivations

Constantly pushing yourself to launch new products, chasing that next “big win”? C.O.R.E. can help you uncover your fear of stagnation or the feeling that you’re only valuable if you’re constantly producing. By addressing these underlying issues, you can shift your focus to creating products and services that truly excite you and resonate with your core purpose.


We’ll work on cultivating a growth mindset, replacing negative self-talk with empowering beliefs that fuel lasting motivation and resilience.

Instead of beating yourself up over perceived shortcomings, you’ll learn to view setbacks as learning opportunities. This reframing allows you to approach challenges with a growth mindset, leading to greater satisfaction and a more sustainable approach to success.


You’ll learn practical tools and strategies to manage your emotions effectively and prioritise tasks strategically giving you more time and energy. This allows you to make rational decisions aligned with your long-term vision for a fulfilling business and personal life.

If you constantly feel overwhelmed with the demands of running your business. C.O.R.E. can help you identify emotional triggers behind procrastination and teach you techniques for managing stress and anxiety. By implementing proven science-based strategies and setting realistic goals, you’ll reclaim control of your time and achieve healthier work-life harmony.


You’ll develop emotional intelligence to understand and harness your emotions for positive change. Additionally, we’ll explore the mind-body connection through practices that help you achieve greater well-being and connect with a sense of purpose that goes beyond external validation.

Forget simply coping with the pressure to constantly “prove yourself.” C.O.R.E. Integration goes deeper. We utilise science-backed psychology and neuroscience to help you uncover the root cause of your imposter feelings and self-doubt. By addressing these underlying issues, you’ll gain the tools and techniques to build lasting confidence and satisfaction, allowing you to experience the true fulfilment that comes from meaningful work.


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Stop feeling like you’re just going through the motions.
C.O.R.E. Integration can help you reignite your entrepreneurial fire and build a business that truly excites and fulfills you.

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